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Boise Airport

This may be the wildest lenticular display ever created. A six-sided lightbox display. The Idaho Trout Company sponsored a corporate display to be installed for the grand opening of the new Boise Airport terminal. We had 45 days to do the impossible. What fun.

The first step was to sketch out a storyboard of what the images would be. The client flew in to meet with Big3D designers, photographer, and fabricators. We sketched out preliminary art and photo elements necessary for each of the six murals. We made a list of photo images we wanted, allowing for a little flexibility on site.


Our Big3D photographer then met with the client on location for a two-day photo shoot. Rather than staging the "one perfect shot" for each mural, and then separating the elements for a layered 3D file, it is often better to photograph individual visual elements, and then put the image together in Photoshop. We photographed streams, waterfalls, mountains, clouds, fishermen, and fish. (Steve's underwater photography experience with the U.S. Navy sure came in handy.)

While the designers divided up the work on the six murals, our fabricators got busy with the custom light box creation. Most of the frame was manufactured with stock materials from 80/20. One inch slotted aluminum framing is perfect for thick lenticular panels.

Our client desired several custom angles on the light box, and no parts existed. We quickly added a Vertical Milling Machine to our shop so that we could machine the custom parts.

The complete display was put together in our facility to make sure everything was perfect. Parts were labeled during disassembly as they were loaded onto our truck. Because the new airport terminal was not yet open, we were able to park right outside the door all day during install. (A rare treat.) The installation took 14 hours. We finished three hours before the midnight target. The new terminal opened at 5:30 am. We are getting reports that crowds have been gathering around this incredible exhibit ever since.

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