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Game Spot Booth In May of 2004, Big3D.com Worldwide created the world's largest continuous 3D lenticular display. This spectacular display was not only enormous (8 feet tall by 60 feet wide), it was also on a curve, completing 4/5 of a circle on a 28 ft diameter. The display was created for the GameSpot booth at the 2004 E3 (Electronics Entertainment Expo) show in Los Angeles, California.

Chris Lejeune of Obscura Digital in San Francisco designed the exhibit structure for GameSpot. "Big3D was wonderful to work with." "The project went off beautifully!" says Lejeune.

Game Spot Booth Design Big3D.com Worldwide is uniquely qualified to be able to manufacture a lenticular display of this size, and deal with the added challenge of being on radius. Big3D worked directly with Melissa Hutton, the graphic designer for GameSpot, for the gargantuan 3D Lenticular display. "When working with clients who are new to lenticular," says Big3D president Tom Saville, "we often have to provide some rather rapid training in new concepts." Big3D printed some sample portions from GameSpot's initial artwork and sent them overnight back to Hutton. Since everybody knew we were on a nearly impossible two week Game Spot Design timeframe, we needed fast solutions. Big3D invited Hutton to come out with her computer and all the necessary files to help streamline the process. After a tour of the showrooms, Big3D designers gave Hutton a crash course in what does (and does not) work well when it comes to designing for lenticular printing. As Hutton made changes, the Big3D team would immediately print out lenticular proofs for real time viewing and adjustments. After a day and a half on site with Big3D, Hutton was able to drive back to San Francisco, leaving behind finished files that would provide incredible 3D Lenticular panels for her trade Show booth.

Game Spot Design

Big3D then carved up the files for individual panel sizes of 48x96 inches. All the panels were printed photographically for true continuous tone perfection. The entire project was completed in less than two weeks, and delivered in time for the show.