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Green Statement

Big3D is committed to promoting and contributing to a clean and safe environment. We will continually monitor and evaluate all sources of waste generated to determine feasibility of elimination or minimization through recycling, re-engineering, or process modification. Whatever cannot be eliminated, is recycled or disposed of safely and responsibly within the scope of existing local and state requirements and recommendations. We believe that environmental, economic, and social issues are interdependent such that what is good policy in one area, is good in all three areas.


Specifically, as a printer of plastic and paper substrates, Big3D is proud to print using only UV inks, significantly reducing facility VOC output as a result. Ultraviolet (UV) inks cure by polymerization on exposure to UV energy. Because they contain no solvents, they release no VOCs. Additionally, because the inks do not dry on the press, they can remain in ink fountains for long periods and reduce press cleaning frequency, further reducing facility VOC exposure.

As a lenticular graphics provider, we use substrates made of various PET plastics, the most commonly and readily recyclable plastic material. Large-format lenses such as those used for movie posters, transit shelter displays and the like, can be ground and shredded for reuse as post-consumer material by most independent and/or industrial recycling operations. Small-format lenses are also easily recyclable using the same methods, and can be recycled via most community curb-side recycling programs.

Big3D remains vigilant in the pursuit of lessening the impact of its business operations upon the environment. Big3D is proudly committed to the protection of the environment and understands the economic and social impacts on the community.