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Integrity and Service

Four key reasons you should be using us for your lenticular production


We won't steal your clients. We protect your position. Our database tracks which end user works with which dealer/agency. If your customer ever goes around you, we are on the phone to you immediately. While there are times when you may want your client (their technical contact) to speak with us for file specs, that does not waive your protection. We support you.


When your reputation is on the line, you want to know your job will be there. Whether by courier to a trade show, drop shipped to 500 different locations or in your hands just in time for that special presentation. We are trusted across the globe to deliver every job on time and according to spec. You can count on us.


We make you look good. Every piece should be as presentable as the prototype. True craftsmanship. Smooth edges. Flawless mountings. We do all work in-house, jobbing out nothing to ensure absolute quality control on every project (read about our capabilities). We are fanatical about quality.


Our pricing is aggressive. We strive to make the highest quality in lenticular affordable to everyone. Absolute quality shouldn't have to cost that much more. Isn't it refreshing to have it cost less?

Big3D.com: The service bureau for the 3D Lenticular industry

Ad & Direct Marketing Agencies

Our projects are delivered on time, and on budget. We make you look good, every time. You can benefit from our many years of experience with 3D Lenticular. We can help you quickly identify which lenticular formats will provide you the most impact, and the most value for your budget. From the most targeted Direct Mail projects to the largest one-off display, we have done it, and done it right. We can save you the time and money caused by heading down the wrong path. 3D Lenticular is a very powerful advertising and marketing tool, and we want to help you get the most out of your marketing objectives and creative concepts. You can glean lots of information from our Designing for Lenticular page. Additionally, feel free to call one of our experts to discuss a concept or design parameters early in a project. We are here to help you. Call us. 559.233.3380.

Printers & Print Brokers

You can make money in lenticular without taking all the risks. Too many printers have been lured by the dreams of big margins on plastic and lenticular, and then gotten wiped out by the brutal learning curve. It takes a special positive attitude to throw $100,000 in materials into the dumpster and view it as a wonderful learning experience. Not every company wants to spend the tuition to learn this stuff. And as customers get more experienced and discerning, they will not accept mediocre output run on a low resolution DI machine by a minimum wage technician. Big3D has built a reputation as THE Trade printer for the industry. Call one of our Customer Service Reps today and see how we can help you. 559.233.3380.

Photo Labs & Sign Shops

Hundreds of labs have determined they get better profit margins and much less stress by outsourcing their 3D Lenticular projects to us. This is difficult technology to dabble in. (An understatement.) Big3D.com Worldwide is geared for production. Our facility is temperature and humidity controlled around-the-clock for consistent production conditions. This is what we do, all day, every day. Our production volume allows us savings on material costs that we pass along to you through very aggressive dealer pricing. If you like creating your own prototypes and individual pieces, we can help you with a volume production run that would overtax your normal workflow. You can also rely on us for that oversize mural that requires multiple panels to be phased to exact tolerances. Or, if you are stumped with an issue and would like some free technical advice, we are truly here to help. We figure it is good for the industry. So E-mail sales@big3d.com or call 559.233.3380.

Exhibit Houses

We are the world leaders in large format 3D Lenticular. When you are working with a 3D Lenticular project, you want a manufacturer with the most experience at producing large size, custom images. Our large format images can be printed photographically (LightJet RS) for true continuous tone perfection. We provide free tech support and design suggestions so you get the most impact from your displays. We can custom fit sizes to your displays at no extra charge. And we do not compete for your display hardware business. For those that want us to interface with clients for technical and design issues, be assured that we always protect your position. You can choose whether to capitalize on your use of Big3D's manufacturing expertise reputation, or whether to keep your supplier source secret. Either way, we are here to help and support you. Call us to discuss your next project. 559.233.3380.