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NASCAR & Coke go Lenticular in a Big3D way!

Big3D.com Worldwide announced delivery of a huge double-sided 3D Lenticular mural display for Dale Earnhardt Inc and sponsor Coca Cola. The large mural covers both sides of a 40 foot transport trailer. The mural is secured in a frame system for display at the track, and during freeway travel. This incredible creation was unveiled by DEI and Coke at the Pepsi 400 NASCAR race, July 3rd, 2004, at Daytona International Speedway.

Two views of trailer, left & right, showing both flips.
The Coke bottle flips with the Dale Earnhardt logo.

The Coke bottle flips with the Coca-Cola C2 logo.

Full trailer shot at night in front of Daytona Speedway in Florida. July 3rd, 2004.

Screen capture showing the Coke bottle and the Coca-Cola C2 logo, which will be interlaced to flip.

Screen capture showing the Coke bottle, the C2 logo, a close up of the interlaced artwork, and four interlaced sections showing the panel configuration.

Screen capture showing the entire 39 foot trailer grid with gridlines, as well as a close up on the Dale Earnhardt logo section with ruler lines. All the PSD layers on the right indicate the number of layers of 3D depth for this image.

These photographs are taken during production, showing how each panel must be perfectly phased with all the other panels. From a direct center viewing angle, you see the sponsor Coke C2 bottle. Viewing from either side of center, you see the Dale Earnhardt logo. The entire background is in continuous 3D depth. All the individual panels must be perfectly phased with each other so that the entire viewing image transitions at the same time.

This full shot of the trailer shows all 48 panels secured in the framework. The frame holds all the backlit panels securely in place, even at freeway speeds.

This close up view shows the 1.5 inch metal framework which secures all of the individual lenticular panels. This was the safest way to secure the lenticular panels so that the image may be viewed while traveling between NASCAR races.