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First Speed Racer Movie Poster Goes 3D

(Fresno, California, USA) Publicity for one of the most anticipated film releases of 2008 was jump-started as a 3D lenticular poster for the Warner Bros. movie "Speed Racer" appeared in theaters.

Speed Racer 3D Warner Bros. entrusted lenticular printing specialists Big3D.com to produce the innovative 3D poster. The 3D poster features a close-up view of the much-loved character's iconic helmet with Speed Racer's car poised in the background. As a result of the special lenticular printing process, the helmet appears to be popping out toward the viewer of the poster, with the other design elements also occupying 3D space. The poster is intended as a teaser and announces the film's 2008 release date.

The show-stopping power of the lenticular 3D Speed Racer poster became immediately apparent when only minutes after the poster appeared in theaters the internet was buzzing with the news. Film blogs raced to be the first to show photos of the poster. Bloggers engaged in a game of one-upmanship as they did their best to describe the amazing 3D depth achieved by Big3D.

The 3D poster showcases the technical advancements of lenticular printing and is considered the finest full-scale 3D lenticular project ever produced. In order to achieve this level of production quality, Warner Bros. tapped the dimensional imaging and design talents of Grayson Marshall to create the digital art files. Those files were then provided to Big3D for 3D processing and print production. Over 2,500 posters were produced by Big3D for distribution worldwide.

Production of the poster was an involved process that began with the digital image files provided by Grayson Marshall and ended with an exacting finishing technique developed by Big3D specifically for this project. The poster printing and production process also featured elements unique to the project including special paper selection (for dual-functionality in both back-lit and natural lighting environments) and customized lamination/mounting processes.